Finding the Right Words: Dispelling the Myth in Medicine

In a fast and furious slideshow presentation, Carol-Ann delves into the contention surrounding the biochemical impossibility of homeopathy. Her first move is to find appropriate terms for considering the remedial action in question. Rather than accept its hegemonic status, she questions the commensurability of biochemistry to its object of study: life (and, by extension, medicine). She introduces biosemiotics as a more suitable context for studying medicine, then briefly outlines the therapeutic value of penetrating life with language. Finally, she returns to the question at hand and considers how homeopathy factors into this endeavour.

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One thought on “Finding the Right Words: Dispelling the Myth in Medicine

  1. Great job!

    RE: your last slide

    When the oserved fact does not correspond to a famous theory, the fact has to be accepted and the theory rejected. A theory must be modified to be adapted to nature and not nature itself to adapt itself to the theory.

    Claude Bernard ( Introduction a la Medicine Experimental)

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