Impressions of Heilkunst

Heilkunst treatment for me is a conscious moving toward the healthiest expression of myself. I began Heilkunst treatment after a difficult break-up and a death in the family, coming to Carol-Ann with these sores that I had been keeping open and allowing to define me. Sessions with Carol-Ann addressed deep feelings of self-worthlessness and degenerate competitive impulses, and breached the grief that had become such a large part of me.

I feel as though I’ve increased communication between my body and my life – those two were somehow separate before. It sounds simple, but it never really occurred to me that how my body is doing is how I am doing. Understanding this opened up a clear avenue for me to begin a renovation of self – through regimen, a body is something you can work on and see clear results. Focusing on regimen and working to increase my physical health allowed me to draw parallels of improvement and strength in the more complex emotional parts of myself. 

Heilkunst puts you in charge of your own health. I learned to assume authority over my own body – even, or especially, in the presence of those who have been trained to steer the body of another towards an often inaccurate definition of health.

I had been plagued with debilitating menstrual cramps since I was a young teenager and had come to accept these as inevitable, immutable. Through sessions with Carol-Ann, I came to understand that it was possible to change this painful pattern in my physiology. I now experience my menstruation very differently and cramps are now often completely absent from my period. Seeing that I could change this part of me that I thought was fixed gave me courage to challenge other qualities in myself I disliked but had come to accept as permanent.

I see my experience with Heilkunst as a deep unpacking of the self. I have been able to work through layers and years of emotional baggage. I have learned to listen to my gut. If you are willing to take an active role in your own health, willing to be your own primary caregiver, and willing to be honest, Carol-Ann will assist you in discovering a sustainable, empowering, and healthy expression of self. 

January 28, 2013


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