Impressions of Heilkunst

I began treatment with Carol-Ann after having my first child, moving provinces, and losing a family member. Although I began treatment without any urgent physical problems I hoped to help, I did find that we had a lot to talk about in the sessions. Particularly, I found that as I spoke with Carol-Ann, we would talk about fears or worries that I hadn’t even been aware were having an impact on my life, but that I was actually very relieved to address. As a listener, Carol-Ann is generous in her interpretations and gentle in her response. I also found her willing and firm in her assurance that her role was to support me in my decision-making and not to judge, and I found this relieved a lot of the tension that might exist around meeting her patients who come from different life and treatment backgrounds.

During my treatment, careful attention was paid to the effect my treatment would have on my nursing baby. The remedies she gave us and the ideas she proposed all had the intention, and indeed result, of being gentle. It was helpful for me to have someone to provide an informed idea and thought process that differed from the at times rote information being given by the public health nurses. I found her approach to nurturing a baby was not backed up by fear as is often the message health practitioners imbue, but rather joy and confidence. This also helped me make decisions as to feeding and sleeping for my baby that I am comfortable with.

I think Carol-Ann expects of her patients that they challenge themselves to make the changes they need to make in order to improve their health and happiness, but it is a challenge that she is prepared to walk with you to meet.


January 10, 2013