Impressions of Bowen Therapy

For a number of years I had been struggling with the annoyances of lower back pain, bulging discs, arthritis, mild spinal stenosis, leg and hip pain with numbness and tingling in the toes. At my first appointment with Carol-Ann, to be truthful, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, in her sweet, gentle nature, she assured me that the treatment would be non-intrusive – and the explanation of the ensuring proceedure set any apprehensions at rest.

The first session left me in such a state of total relaxation – a place in my mind which I had never visited before. When I was first asked to lie on the treatment table flat on my stomach, my initial reaction was “This ain’t gonna happen”!  because I had not been able to do this in years! However, after a few very gentle movements over the body, I became painfree and comfortable. The next hour involved more of the same – and I left the appointment encouraged that this could quite possibly help me – sooo… I booked a follow-up meeting the next week.

On the second occasion, we began by reviewing my symptoms and it was decided that this session would focus primarily on my back ailments. I knew that part of my discomforts were a result of a shift in body weight to my right side, which after extended periods of standing, walking and exercise, the burden of these movements would take its toll on the “S I”  joints of the opposite hip – resulting in nagging pain, plus complete discouragement in persuing any type of exercise regime where this problem would be challenged.

After initially relaxing the body through simple hand movements, followed by 2 minute rest intervals, Carol-Ann began to focus on aligning my hips – which she had diagnosed as the main cause of my discomforts. I had been previously told that there was a significant discrepancy in my leg lengths, but I hadn’t given this much thought.
The treatment started out with me lying flat on the table  on my back with both legs extending in front, stopping several inches short of  the wall at the table’s base. Next Carol-Ann explained that in order to proceed with the alignment she would need to perform a hand movement which would apply pressure to an area adjacent to the groin and I gave my consent to proceed when asked if this was within my comfort level. The ensuing results of this simple movment left me in total amazement!

Beginning with my left leg, she moved it straight up slowly, all the while gently applying pressure to a spot near the groin, while holding the weight of the leg entirely. She then brought the leg down to a bending position and then slowly down to reach up to my chest (a position my leg has never before had the flexability to reach) and then gently moved it back to its resting position on the table. To my total amazement the bottom of my foot rested snugly against the wall which had previously been a few inches distant! I couldn’t believe this result!  In my excitement – I asked her if the right leg would perform the same way? After the ususal 2 minute break we would know!

Sure enough, when the same movements were applied to the right leg, the leg upon returning to a resting postion, was aligned with the left leg, leaving both feet snugly touching the wall side by side! The changes to both my leg lengths and flexability were so incredible. Needless to say, I was totally overwhelmed with emotion. However the most amazing moment occured when I began to walk shortly thereafter. My body appeared to be completely balanced – there was no longer a need for my inner body to strive to correct the  balance in my gait. For so long I had been accustomed to correcting this uneveness while walking with the fear of staggering – and suddenly this all changed!  I began to ask myself – “What other benefits could my body experience through such  simple non invasive movements to bring more positive results?”  Those I intend to persue in the near future! And finally, what every “shopaholic” gal wants to hear from any practioner or friend “You need to buy new shoes”!  Hey, what could be more liberating? Thanks, Carol-Ann for allowing me the opportunity to try this new experience and to be reasured that we all need to return to the simplicity of nature and all that it offers.

25 May 2010

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