About Me

Carol-Ann Galego (PhD); Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DHHP); Bowenwork Practitioner

Photo Credit: Lisa Wilson
Photo Credit: Lisa Wilson

My interest in effective ethical health care was first prompted by personal need and later informed by careful study. My background in philosophy allowed me to adopt a critical orientation to the health sciences, but my personal experiences reminded me that it is not enough to simply undermine the status quo; one must also find and further a viable alternative.

Accordingly, I decided to pursue my studies in a more committed capacity: I decided to become a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. Alongside my formal training at the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst and Homeopathy (2008-2013), which included a year of supervised practice, I gained practical experience working at three different Heilkunst clinics. During this intensive period of preparing remedies and fielding requests for acute consultations, I gained valuable insight into the unique expertise of eight experienced Heilkunst practitioners and developed a deep appreciation for both the art and science of practicing medicine. I am grateful for the rich plurality of perspectives that I encountered during this fertile time and, in developing my own practice, continue to integrate many of the techniques that I have learned from my mentors. My approach emphasizes the importance of developing daily practices that help maintain and restore health — by incorporating nutrient-dense foods, supporting the body’s natural mechanisms of detoxication, promoting restorative sleep, and giving expression to our emotions — and I strive to support an individual’s unique process of remediation with the use of well-indicated remedies and therapeutic education.

My engagement with Heilkunst not only restored my health; it also renewed my desire for life. From this experience, I bring to my practice a profound respect for effective remediation and the life-giving potential of disease. I am interested in working with people who have felt the futility of moving symptoms around and are well-poised to instead be moved by their symptoms. Health, after all, is measured not in the absence of symptoms, but rather, in the capacity to pursue our heart’s desire.

If you are considering Heilkunst treatment with me, I recommend you learn more about this modality, read some impressions offered by others, or contact me directly.

Heilkunst consultations are offered by distance only, Bowen consultation in person only.